Walk for Hope, Walk for a Future, Walk for Life.

From April 17th – 30th

A simple step can change a life

From April 17th – 30th participate online and in your neighborhood.

At World Hope International (WHI), we believe that empowerment includes providing access to opportunity as well as reaffirming faith in the dignity and worth of every human person. 

We believe that sometimes, empowerment looks like enabling those living with disabilities to develop fine motor skills so they can sit up, stand, walk, run, hold a pencil, write, command their place in society and not be left behind.

Adamsay, after receiving treatment and therapy

Walk for hope

Meet an inspirational little girl that overcame spinal tuberculosis. With medical treatment, surgery, physical therapy, and a wheelchair, she is now able to attend school with great hope and a bright future.

John in his wheelchair

Walk for a future

Read about how physical therapy and a wheelchair gave Lilian the opportunity to gain an education, independent of others, giving her a better future.

Young boy in a wheelchair

Walk for life

Learn about how breaking down the barriers of stigma against mental and physical disabilities can impact and give hope to children like Ibrahim.

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Why Health Care

How health care is transforming communities

Young boy receiving therapy while in his highchair

We believe that health care is the key to transforming communities and reducing poverty, suffering, and injustice worldwide.

Sierra Leone has some of the worlds’ most vulnerable children due to the high number of affected children by mental and physical disabilities. A place with such a widespread cultural misunderstanding of disability sees affected children rejected, abandoned, and as a curse on their families. Not only are those children subjected to those misunderstandings, but are also affected by the extensive poverty, illiteracy, and their previous generations’ traditional beliefs. This poverty leads to a general deficit in access of good health care, contributing to the already high rates of physical and mental disabilities in those children.

But there is hope. Together, we can start to create a better life for those children. You can help make a huge difference within those communities and individual lives. The Walk4Hope raises funds to not just deliver wheelchairs to kids who desperately need them, but will also contribute to resources that will enable children living with a disability to gain access to education, health, and other essential services. It is for hope, a future, and giving life back to those children.

Walk 4 Hope, Walk 4 Change, Walk 4 a Future


Please note that in the unlikely event a specific appeal becomes overfunded, surplus funds will be redirected towards a similar relief or community development project.

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