John Funk

Communications Manager, Salvation Army World Service Office
Location: USA

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, John headed out west to spend several years as a journalist in northern Rocky Mountains region, where he won awards and recognition for his investigative work on methamphetamine trafficking, corruption and cover-ups within the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections, and the involvement of white supremacist organizations in a series of high-profile violent crimes. He’s worked with people from all walks of life, from gang members to governors, and has a knack for finding and telling compelling, relatable stories.

After leaving his job in the news business for a literal around-the-world adventure – he traveled east from Seattle, Washington, and continued traveling east by plane, car and cargo ship until he found himself back in Seattle – John moved to the Washington DC area to open a new chapter of his life. Now, as communications manager for The Salvation Army World Service Office (SAWSO), he uses the communications skills honed in a high-pressure newsroom environment to help bring SAWSO’s message to the world.

John holds a bachelor’s degree in professional journalism from the University of Minnesota, and is a certified investigator and social media professional. An avid world traveler, he loves exploring new places and seeking out new experiences. He lives in Washington DC.

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