Jason Pope

Technical Advisor for Anti-Human Trafficking, Salvation Army World Service Office
Location: USA

Jason has led anti-human trafficking initiatives for the Salvation Army World Service Office for the last six years, including work that addresses labor and sex trafficking issues for men, women, and children. These projects have included preventing trafficking of families on the Mexican border and helping women who have been trafficked to the middle east return to their home countries.

For four years Jason served as the chairperson for the Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking. This alliance is responsible for Anti-human trafficking work in many countries around the world and throughout the United States. It developed one of the earliest comprehensive curricula that addresses trafficking, “Hands that Heal.” Jason currently serves as the Principal Investigator of the Protecting At-risk children Vulnerable to Exploitation project in the Philippines. In this capacity, he manages multiple partnerships and provides technical support for the development of clinical care approaches to aftercare for children who have experienced online sexual exploitation.

In 1995, he visited the Republic of Georgia during a time when conflicts in the Caucuses were heavily debated, hotels were full of internally displaced people, and the economy was struggling to survive. Yet, the will of the people remained strong. In 2008, he visited south China and saw villages where all women had been trafficked out, where one woman’s face remains etched in his mind. She had returned to the villages, started tree farms, and renewed hope and stability for many. In 2014 he met Jane, a woman with five children in western Kenya, who lost her husband but found the strength to begin her own business and empower others. Marked by his encounters of hope and poverty, Jason longed to play a role in helping faith triumph over discouragement.

He is currently approaching the final stages of a PhD Program in International Family and Community Studies at Clemson University. He holds a Masters of Public Policy from Georgia State University and a Master of Arts degree from Columbia International University.

Jason has been married for sixteen years and has three extremely smart girls, who are a constant reminder to him that children belong in families and that girls can change the world.

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