Best Practices for Caregivers of Children in Group Homes and Residential Shelters

A COVID-19 Mini-Training Video Series


Caring for children in residential shelters and group homes remains a vital job even during COVID-19, but the needs of children and programs are likely to shift and evolve throughout the crisis. Meanwhile, resources and normalities are also likely to change and may no longer be available for practitioners and caregivers. This 10-module video series addresses these unique challenges arising from COVID-19 globally and is particularly useful for caregivers and practitioners of children in residential shelters and group homes. It can also be of interest to administrators and others with similar roles or responsibilities. The short videos will take just over 20 minutes to complete in total and participants will also have access to a related document on Guidelines for Homes for Children and Residential Shelters. Participants can work their way through all 10 videos or pick and choose ones most relevant to them. Produced in English, the videos feature 10 different caregivers, practitioners, and protection experts from across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas.
Each video focuses on a single topic, and the topics covered are:

  1. Comforting Worried Children
  2. Supporting Children’s Mental Health
  3. Explaining COVID-19 to Children
  4. Ensuring Children are Self-Isolating
  5. Helping Children Maintain Contact with Loved Ones
  6. Protection from Predators
  7. Ensuring Ongoing Education
  8. Financial Resources
  9. Addressing Mutual Trauma
  10. Self-Care for Staff
Online video series, ongoing

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